Documenting your traditional dreams in a modern and editorial way

My approach to weddings is a blend of observation, candid moments, and editorial style poses. But even within the editorial poses, I look for those in between moments that make the photograph more real and honest.

In my photography as in my life I can’t ever stick to only one thing, why should I? There are too many beautiful ways to see and comprehend the world, and therefore to capture the beauty surrounding us.

What do I mean when I talk about style? My style is the way I create an image.

But to create an image isn’t only to click the button. Then, What's behind that click?

Style is affected by the way in which I, as the photographer, choose what components to include, and what not to include in the image, how I organize the components in the image, how I use color, light and shadows. How I capture the movement or the lack of it and how it evokes emotions. HOW I PRESENT THE WORK.

When I'm shooting a wedding I mix different styles. You'll find most of the images true to color, well exposed and sharp. But others will be more creative. Sometimes I'll feel inspired for a moment to create a blurry image to give the feeling of movement and emotion, sometimes I'll see beautiful shadows and lights and I'll create a more darker and moody image.

What I am trying to tell you with this is that I've got your back. I'll document your day, true to reality, but I'll add a beautiful and artistic twist to your day.


  • I'll capture the day, from the start to the end. When your bridesmaids pop the champagne and start telling funny stories about your life while you’re getting your hair done. When your mom cries and hugs you when she sees you in your wedding dress. When your best friend is making jokes during the toast.

When you get the day documented as a whole the results are accurate and will evoke emotions.

  • I'll focus as well in the preparation and details, personal photos of groom and bride, photos of bouquets, shoes, rings, shots of the groups, etc. These will give you some beautiful traditional shots to keep forever.
  • I like to include some posed shots, but they are relaxed, as I will be looking for lighting, angles and emotions.

These shots are an addition to your story and your day, they will be my artistic vision.

To explain and understand style in words isn’t as easy as to see it and to feel it. That's why I invite you to go through my work.

I hope between this post and my images, you get to understand a bit better my style.

Claudia Melian