Choosing your photographer.

When you’re looking for a photographer you aren’t just looking for pretty images, but for a whole experience.

You want and you need to feel confortable with the person you’re working with.

On this post I want to do a summary of how my workflow is and what kind of person I am.

  • First of all, I have an accent! Yes! I am from Spain! I speak fluent english but you’ll hear an accent.
  • Second, I am a very passionate person, not only about my job but about everything. Where I put my heart, I put all my energy.
  • I am a very positive and caring person. When you work with me I won’t treat you only like my client but like a human being with feelings and needs. I like making you feel comfortable and at ease.
  • My favorite thing to photograph is definitely people. One-to-one sessions and couples are my personal favorites. One-to-one sessions are intimate, which allows me to really connect with my subject and feel more inspired by them. I feel drawn to love, connections and emotions, couples that are wildly in love get my full inspiration.
  • I am quick! I usually answer my inquires within a few hours and, even though my contract will say the images will be delivered within a couple of weeks, I've never taken more than a week to deliver a gallery.


  • When I get inquiries I usually suggest to hop on a call or a video call - unless you don’t want to we can go through email, text or whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  • Once we've talked and agreed on the right package for you, we'll sign a contract and pay a retainer to lock in that date.
  • The planning process will start! Location scouting, wardrobe, inspiration, timeline and all of the details.
  • I don't set a specific amount of time for consultation and preparation, we'll discuss everything until you feel like everything sounds right.
  • The day of the shoot I'll come motivated and inspired to make our vision come true.
  • After the shoot, I'll give you a sneak peek within 24h
  • I'll hand-select and edit your images. You'll receive a personalized online gallery that you can download on your laptop/computer/phone
  • You get to enjoy your photos!!!

At the beginning I said that choosing a photographer is not only about pretty images, but obviously the main goal of this process if the final product.

Before you even consider me as your photographer I recommend to go through my portfolio to make sure you like my style.

I've always struggled with defining my style, because I am a mix of different styles! I guess I'd describe it as emotional. I feel inspired by you, by the moment, by light, shadows, movement, by the vibes and the environment. I like making magic out of the mundane.

Every person, couple, business or whatever it is I am shooting, is unique, therefore, your images will be unique.

After reading this, Do you think that I am your ideal photographer?

If you are answering "no" then I encourage you to keep looking! If your answer is yes, what are you waiting for?!