What is an after wedding session?

Weddings are to enjoy with family and friends, but let's be realistic, the day passes by so quick!

If you are going to have a traditional wedding and still want to have pictures with your wedding dress at some beautiful location, this is for you!

It can be the next day, the next week, the next month, that part is completely up to you. The point is, you plan to dress up again and spend your photo time on a day.


I think there are so many why’s .

  1. You don’t have to stress out yourself on your wedding day thinking about all the photos you want to have, instead those photos would be more about the day, the family and all of you.
  2. You can wear your dress again! Isn't it a shame to wear it just once?
  3. You choose the time -light- and location you want to have those magical pictures at.
  4. You are going to be more relaxed and therefore you will have better photos

Convinced yet?