Hi there!

Let me tell you a bit about my story:

I have always been in love with photography, aesthetics and art, but it wasn't until some years ago-around 2017- when a 30 year old Claudia grabbed her belongings and her camera and decided to leave her 'isla bonita' in Spain to explore the world.

I decided to take a sabbatical year - that turned into 2- to travel, to find myself and my real passion.

Since then I haven’t been able to conceive my life without a camera.

In 2019 I met the love of my life in Iceland, after getting married I planted my roots in Connecticut and started my business as a freelance photographer.

In order to offer the best of myself I enrolled in 2 different photography courses and I've come to realize that even though I love photographing so many different things, my favorite is people. I specialize in love , one-to-one portraits, personal brand/ small business and lifestyle.

I am mostly an outdoor photographer, I take the aesthetic of nature and combine it with the elements and/or people I am capturing to create a beautiful image.

I notice the small and important moments when I’m behind my camera, which allows me to capture your personality in a real and artistic way.

My photography is a reflection of the inspiration surrounding me, therefore you'll find different kind of moods, vibes and feelings in my images.

Now it is your turn, What's your story?